VICHT! is awe-inspiring!

...outstanding! ...without equal! 

This new signature athletic program from Galleria Tennis and Athletic Club (GTAC) now has the incredible Peter Lundgren!

GTAC is a private state-of-the-art indoor facility located in Houston, Texas where respected international superstar Peter Lundgren now teams up with the world class championship staff of Niclas Kroon, Ville Jansson and Johan Kjellsten to offer you exclusive customized tennis coaching from a professional tennis coach.

Aspiring athletes serious about developing their skills are the focus of our team who are also available for those individuals or businesses who seek to utilize this great sport as a relationship building tool. 

Professional Tennis Coaching Services

The purpose of VICHT! elite tennis coaching is to provide serious players with a professional tennis coach for the purpose of customized tennis coaching from accomplished world class professionals, including Peter Lundgren:

  • Analysis and Critique
  • Development and Direction
  • Guidance and Lessons

Specialized 1:1 mentoring from champions are what aspiring and serious athletes dream about.

Individual instruction by a professional tennis coach for each athlete comes from four world renowned experts who incorporate their experience, knowledge, and success into learning experiences specifically customized for you!

Regardless of your location, you can benefit from our elite and cutting edge professional tennis coaching which offers a full array of customized tennis instruction:

Peter Lundgren for VICHT Tennis Coaching

Watch Peter Lundgren talk about the benefits of Vicht! Virtual Tennis Coaching.



...is a distinctive gesture of celebration and excellence which basically means "for sure." More

There is no better method, no better place, no better way, and no better staff to improve your game.

The standard in excellence for this great sport, both for enjoyment and elite learning, is VICHT!